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Xiang An


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In 2007, Xiang got a Bachelor of Engineering in Communication Engineering, Communication University of China.  In 2010 she finished her master in signal and information processing from the same university. In her master she focused on acoustic signal analysis and processing, she used various signal analyze methods like FFT, Wavelet Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis to analyze and process signal, analyzing and modelling the relationship between mechanical properties of the signal and the psychological properties of human perception. After that she worked as Teacher Assistant until 2013.  




Currently, she is doing a PhD in Smart Textile. In her research she is focusing on electronic textile area, investigate and design textile based sensor for recording physiological signals. Using Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology to implement the communication between textile based sensor and mobile device. Developing android application for monitoring physiological signals, design and optimize UI interface, improve the efficiency of signal transmission.  


Visit Xiang's publication page here.

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Email Address: ax30@hw.ac.uk
Skype: serena12126
Phone: 01896 89 2269