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Meixuan Chen

M chen

Meixuan has a Bachelor degree in Knitting Engineering from Dong Hua University, China and a Master Degree of Science in Textile Design for Manufacture in University of Leeds. She is also a trained textile designer at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London and received a Bachelor of Arts in Textiles Design. The scientific background continues to influence her designs, and contributes towards her ambitions in combining science with the arts. During her MA degree project, Meixuan has worked with smart materials such as shape memory alloy and conductive yarn and combined electronic technology and sensory interactive technology with knitted textile design.


Her current PhD research at the School of Textiles and Design began with practical experiments in designing smart textiles such as colour-changing and pattern-changing materials. Now she is investigating how these smart aesthetics can affect people’s responses and personal preferences by investigating people’s psychological and physiological responses such as brain activities and heart rate changes. The output of this research serves to demonstrate whether it is possible to use pre-determined designs on smart textiles to evoke an emotional response from the observer.


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Email Address: mc155@hw.ac.uk
Phone: 01896 89 2268