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Hua Yang

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Hua's majored in Physical Health Preservation & Rehabilitation in Beijing University. He worked as a full-time lecturer in the Sports Medicine Department, Wuhan University of Physical Education from 1994 - 2007.  Hua aloso provided training and nutritional guidance to patients and the school rowing team for wich he also provided monitoring, prevention and treatment of sports injuries, the elimination of fatigue after exercise,as well as the provision of nutritional guidance.





Hua is working in wireless health monitoring. Targeting sports garments and medical clothing is an area of exploiting in his PhD study “Research in Wearable Health Monitoring for Sport and Medical Applications”. Comparing with the traditional equipment, current technological advancements in textile and electronics provide operational feasibility of monitoring the health condition for human body anytime and anywhere. Many devices, as watches, belts, bras, vests and the like, have been investigated in sport training and clinical medicine areas. His study is using a smart garment that contains the wearable electronic devices to measure human physiological indexes and analyze their accuracy, such as body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate and ECG, consequently monitoring the health condition of an athlete or a patient.


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