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Weaving Workshop

Weaving Wrokshop

Bonas Jacquard automatic weaving loom



1.  Standard width: 1000 mm

2.  Speed: 1o-200 picks per minute

3.   Weft selector: 12 colours electronic weft selection device.

4.   Fabric take-up: Mechanically controlled through variable speed unite

5.   Warp let-off: Negative brake type.

6.   Shedding: Bonas electronic jacquard equipped with 864 design hooks and controller

7.   Draw-in:  Tie-in instrument is available

8.   Warping: warping machine is available or manual warping could be used.

9.   Weft Insertion: Single flexible rapier weft insertion entering from the right hand of the loom via an open shed, collecting the selected weft at the left hand side and returning to the right hand side position.

10. Designing: Pc operation system with textile designing software.

11. Selvedge system: Leno type


Hattersley Standard industrial shuttle loom


Hattersley’s weaving machine of four shuttle rising boxes at each side had been invented by George Hattersley & Sons to weave from a maximum of 7 shuttles.

The weaving machine is driven by an electric motor and a chain. The friction flange is fitted with several circular discs which give excellent gripping power and a quick release.

The shedding system is controlled by a positive dobby capable of 24 working shafts.

The let-off system is driven by positive worm let-off to two warp beams with flanges 16 inch diameter, or alternatively one warp beam with flanges 20 inch diameter.

The take-up system is also positively driven by worm and wheel principle. The weft density can be varied by changing the change wheel.



Hand looms

lo 3

32 x narrow top-lifting dobby looms (24 shaft), with 17" reed width

14 x wide George Wood top-lifting dobby looms (16 shaft), with 32" reed width

4 x Texel countermarched dobby looms (24 shaft, electronic), with 32" reed width