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 The Research Institute for Flexible Materials (RiFLEX)

 RiFLEX was established with the remit to undertake funded research, PhD supervision, continuous education, conferences, publishing and community networking



 Capacity:                     5KN

Maximum Pressure:     620 K Pa (90 psi)

Software:                    Blue hill 2, 2.21 versions

Mode of loading:        Constant rate of extension

Clamp:                         Capstan jaws

Methods Available for Testing:

  1. Tension Method
  2. Tension relax /Creep Method
  3. Compression Method
  4. Compression Relax /Creep Method
  5. Flexure Method
  6. Flexure Relax/Creep Method
  7. Metal Method
  8. Peel, Tear, Friction Method
  9. Tension Test Profile Method
  10. Compression Test Profile Method